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Disturb but Don’t Get Disturbed with “Want Disturbia” T-Shirt

Bum bum de-dum… Who knew how disturbed Rihanna was when she recorded her Disturbia single. It was all about how evil took over her soul in exchange for all the richness and fame. Yeah well!!! she could be dealing with Lucifer or Crowley right now for all we know!!! Jokes apart!!! We are not going to discuss about Rihanna and how she got possessed by evil and for whatever reasons it might be. We are here to discuss about the all new latest entry in the Rolling Mouse edition. The “Want Disturbia” t-shirt from Rolling Mouse is yet another quirky t-shirt added to the list of cool t-shirt collection at siam7.com, the one stop shop for cool streetwear.

But think about it. Don’t you think we are all possessed? Just kidding!!! On a lighter note why not give it a thought? We are indeed possessed by love, greed, passion, fame, richness and what not. And yes, sometimes we don’t know what we do when we are really possessed. But the best thing that you could do right now is to get this Want Disturbia t-shirt. Rolling Mouse has succeeded yet another time with this amazingly quirky addition to its collection. It is just a matter of time and we will know how quirkier they can get with their upcoming collection. So “Good Girl Gone Bad” or “Good Boy Gone Bad”, this is the t-shirt for every bad boy out there if not possessed.

What’s a Rolling Mouse t-shirt without our very own Mickey with a grin? Except that this time he is evil with his tongue sticking out. And could we ever imagine mickey in his evil avatar? Absolutely No. But that’s what makes Rolling Mouse T-shirt special. The t-shirt is available in all sizes from small to 4XL. This vintage classic t-shirt is made up of the best mix of cotton and polyester with strong seams. The t-shirt is special because it is completely handmade. It is available in a vintage grey color which makes it ideal for casual wear.

Let's go Disturbia this season. Nahh!!! We’re not talking about that movie either with some whacko serial killer being your neighbour... But, kind of following the same mantra which is to disturb and not get disturbed. If you’re going through a rough time you can face it bold. How bold?? Just make some wardrobe changes. This t-shirt will give you all the boldness you want. So, Mazel Tov… you have one hell of a t-shirt waiting there for you to add it to your cool collection in your wardrobes.

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