Duck, you Sucker!

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Duck, you Sucker! T-Shirt #3 from Rolling Mouse
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Let the Rolling Mouse “Duck, You Sucker” T-Shirt do the Talking

“Duck, You Sucker” – Nah!!! This is not the classic movie that we are discussing about. Neither is this about any Mexican Revolution. But one can definitely say it is all about the fashion revolution., the leading supplier of online streetwear and cool gear is definitely making a statement with this exclusive “Duck, You Sucker” T-shirt. This statement t-shirt is definitely a must have for all those who care a damn about anyone around. For those who are out on revenge for betrayal, you can wear this t-shirt and let it do the talking. For those who want to tell others that they are not welcome, this t-shirt will do that bit as well.

Today slogan t-shirts are the in-thing and preferred by many youngsters. There is nothing wrong in wearing a slogan t-shirt as long as it is not directed to anyone. And even if it does…who cares!!! The person intended to, simply gets the message. Celebrities wear these statement t-shirts and slogan t-shirts all the time. So, when they can, there is no reason why anybody can’t wear one. For instance, Katy Perry was quite a badass when she wore the “Nasty Woman” t-shirt for a public event. The t-shirt was introduced after Donald Trump insulted his opponent Hillary Clinton and called her “nasty woman”.

Ever since then women from across the country have been uniting with their “nastiness”. The other instance was when St. Vincent wore the “Nice as Fuck” t-shirt and appeared before the papprazzi, she meant it with all cheekiness. Reese Witherspoon was also spotted with a “Feeling It” T-Shirt after her workout at the gym. And boy!! She wanted everyone to know that she was indeed feeling it. So, there is no reason why one should not have this cool wear, the “Duck, You Sucker” t-shirt in their wardrobe.

The t-shirt is a limited edition t-shirt and is available in all sizes from small to 4XL. The t-shirt is quite quirky just to suit the quirky minds out there. It is not just the slogan that makes sense here, but the image of the duck with a cigar in his mouth also makes complete sense. If you know what it means!!! So, get out and put some sense with the Rolling Mouse Duck, You Sucker T-Shirt. also offers other trendy and highly fashionable streetwear, some cool gear, trendy accessories and other branded products from Chaquetero, Chiqu, Kustom Kulture, The Guard of Eternity, Minute Mirth and so on. They offer worldwide shipping on all the cool wear.

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