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Muay Thai Shorts
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Muay Thai Shorts ★ authentic and unique!

Welcome to our Muay Thai Online Shop and the (R)evolution of Muay Thai Shorts. Here you find a wide selection of high quality fight sport shorts for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. We constantly extend our range with new designs. All shorts are designed and manufactured by us, so we can guarantee you the best quality and workmanship. Unfortunately the market is flooded by mass-produced and cheap muay thai shorts from China, Pakistan and even Thailand. And not infrequently, the customer is then frustrated because the material is unwearable or the muay thai pants just fall apart. Our business philosophy is to produce authentic and unique Muay Thai Shorts after customers order - that are made to last!

High Quality Muay Thai Shorts

Thanks to our in-house production, we can produce any Muay Thai Shorts you buy from our online shop in just one working day. You order today and tomorrow we ship your shorts - worldwide! This is very effectiv and protects the environment. In addition, we only use environmentally friendly materials. For our sublimated Thaishorts, we only use 100% satin, high quality rubber bands and tear resistance threads - our muay thai shorts are made to last!

Muay Thai Shorts - original and handmade in Thailand

We believe in the spirit of Muay Thai, so a real Muay Thai Fighter don't buy cheap mass products from china or pakistan, which are often made in child labor. Here at we guarantee you that every Muay Thai Boxing Short is 100% original made in Thailand.

Large selection of Muay Thai Shorts + every week new designs

We love to design and produce unique and authentic muay thai shorts - it's our passion! Thanks to the new sublimation technique, it is now possible to create limitless designs. Brilliant colors and high-resolution images displace old and stiff patches, which only disturb the Muay Thai training, and thus make a significant contribution to improving wearing comfort.

Custom Made Muay Thai Shorts
Look good, feel good and easy handling Smooth as silk and extreme strong for all kinds of kicks and impacts as well is just one advantage. Easy machine wash, no fading of the colors and no shrinkage of the fabric is another advantage over to the old fashion muay thai shorts. Make your own unique and extraordinary custom made muay thai shorts. We can produce your design or just add your name on any of our muay thai shorts. Please feel free to contact us, we answer you any questions.

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