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Cool Clothes for Dudes who Love to Stay as Cool as Ice Cubes
Anybody can be cool but being always cool comes with practice. It is an attitude that enlivens the spirit day in and day out to face the crap that we have to see and bear every day.  Only if we could do something about it!!! But nay!!! Nothing Changes. It is not that you are perfect and others aren’t. Well!!! No One is perfect. And it ain’t about judging others. Who are we to judge others? And so no one has the right to judge us. So, send this message and spread it with this super cool t-shirt from “Only God can Judge me T-Shirt” by Rebellious Bastards, a brand known for its cool clothes and ultimate quotes.
These are the days where you don’t have to worry about an enemy who wants to attack you but a fake friend who wants to hug you. So know your enemy and always be alert. There are enemies in disguise who are waiting to stab you from behind. If you know you are surrounded by one then say it out loud with this t-shirt “Know Your Enemy”. Hence, the moral of the story is that you don’t worry about who talks behind your back or who stabs you from behind. Because they are doing that behind you for some reason which makes you far more superior than them...

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...and if anybody believes in the law of karma, then keep believing; as there is justice for all in the same life. Nothing else could say it better but this very cool t-shirt “Angel of Death – Justice for All” from the Rebellious Bastards Collection. The t-shirt is a perfect way to help others realize the truth of life that only God can see the real you. And no one can hide from justice. The Black Lord or the Angel of Death will always find those who sin and make them pay not just anywhere but in this life only. As scary as it may seem, just try to rock and roll with this t-shirt and leave karma to the angel of death himself.
These and many more cool clothes can be found at, which is a one stop store for exclusive streetwear collection. This store offers the right clothing for those who want to make a statement not by talking buy by how they dress up. Statement dressing is the current fashion trend. Don’t care about what others would think as long as they get the message straight.

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